Snow Tires

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Timsun Tire Snow Tires TS-833

The design of decorative pattern block with high-tech content makes the tyre can afford extreme snow road;Directional tread pattern design, ensured the strong driving force; The serration wider grooves design have Excellent snow- Embedding ability and ensuring good drainage;The 3D SIPE technology and Specific sipes pattern design improving the stability of tread pattern, ensure excellent grip ability of wet and snow weather. ; Special snow material to ensure that the tyre is still in low temperature conditions with high handling and driving performance;Suitable for snow road condition.


Timsun Tire Snow Tires TS-825

The special snow tyre compound, adopt special SSBR and high dispersive silica to ensured tyre have good grip ability and low temperature resistance.; The bran-new  snow tyre mixed block pattern design have great drive and brake performance, double guarantee the safety of riding on snow road; The SIPE block pattern design, improving traction ability on snow-coverd road, optimized shape, deep pattern grooves design can improving the wear resistance;Suitable for snow road condition.


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